About Us

As a born-and-raised Green Hillsian and current East Nashvillian, I love Nashville all over. The city is growing at an extreme pace, and more than ever, there is an overflow of city pride and love.

We want to put Nashville Love on your walls (and now your bodies), so we created the Nashville Hood Print. This was a project based on other prints that had been created for a number of cities, but no one had nailed down the Music City. With some more direct pride arising on the East Side, we then created an East Nashville specific Hood Print. With Tees on the way, we hope you love Nashville with us. If you aren't from Nash, sorry, but we will have other prints and stuff out soon for you!
As these prints have had much success, we are back to the drawing board creating more prints and other products for you all to enjoy! Come back early and often, and make sure to follow us @thehoodshop and like us at fb.com/thehoodshop.

Our Buds